How do I start?
Contact us directly. Mark will set up a time to come to your home to go over the specific work you would like to have done.  He will make recommendations as necessary.  There is absolutely NO CHARGE for this consultation. After the consultation, we will send you an estimate for the work. You may choose to revise it at this time or ask any questions regarding the estimate. A new or revised contract will be sent to you to sign.

How do I pay?
50% of the contracted amount is required before beginning work. The balance is to be paid upon the completion of the work.

Do I need a contractor?
A contractor can be an invaluable asset in a multi-process job. They will be able to coordinate the many aspects involved in scheduling and bringing larger jobs to completion, such as excavating, electrical, construction, etc.

Can I do this myself?
The short answer is yes, but communication and availability of any coordinator (you), if you have no contractor, are vital to the expedient completion of your job. You will also be relieved from the scheduling problems that can arise from not knowing the best sequences of executing your project.

Do I need a landscape architect?
In most cases, a designer will be unnecessary. But be prepared to give specific information as to what you wish to accomplish and what your expected goals are, so we may best complete your job to your satisfaction.

Can I make changes after the job begins?
During a job, many customers may decide to make minor changes or additions to their project. We attempt to be flexible in accommodating a few, small changes, but we recommend that you attempt to be clear, initially, on the work you wish to have done. Changes can add both time and additional expenses to your initial contract. Couples need to be on the “same page” in any decisions from the start.

What about permits?
Most towns have regulations regarding zoning and necessary permits. You will need to be aware of what your town or city requires regarding your proposed projects. Some special laws are in place regarding wetlands or aquifer areas. Some state permits may be required and/or DigSafe might need to be notified beforehand.